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Deposit of Funds

You may deposit funds into your Account using the payment methods made available on the Website.

All deposits should be made in the currency of your Account. Deposits made in any other currency will be converted at our own bank's prevailing rate of exchange.

Fees and charges may apply to deposits and withdrawals.

You are responsible for your own bank charges.


We are not a financial institution and we use third party electronic payment processors.

If you deposit funds by either a credit card or a debit card, your Account will only be credited if we receive an approval and authorization code from the payment issuing institution. If your card’s issuer gives no such authorization, your Account will not be credited with those funds.

You will not be entitled to any interest on any outstanding Account balances.

Funds originating from ill-gotten means must not be deposited with us.


You have the option to opt-in for a first deposit bonus and the following terms and conditons apply for this bonus:

You will receive a 100% first deposit bonus capped at €100.

Your deposit and bonus funds will be placed in your PokerShares bonus account.

Winning bets will be paid to the bonus account.

For each €30 successfully wagered, €10 will be moved from the bonus account to the main account. Only funds in the main account are eligible for withdrawal. For instance if a player deposits €50 and activates the first deposit bonus we'll place the €50 deposit as well as the €50 bonus into the bonus account. If he places a €30 wager and wins €100 - €10 will be moved to his main account and his €100 will be paid to his bonus account. His balances will now be €10 in his main account and €160 in his bonus account. Losing bets will not count for the conversion of bonus funds to the main account.

Bets placed on players that end up not playing the event will not count for your wagering requirement.

If the user utilizes his deposit before activating the bonus, he/she will not receive the full bonus amount, but the available amount from the first deposit.

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