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PokerShares Help

Looking for answers? Get it instantly by searching our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Pokershares?

PokerShares is a website where you can invest in any poker player in any tournament in the world, live or online.

Besides that we also offer odds on poker related events, prop bets and grudge matches.

How does it work?

PokerShares is a virtual marketplace and betting platform.

With PokerShares you can buy virtual shares of poker players without their involvement.

Is it licensed and regulated?


Pokershares is operated by Safe Shares N.V. a company licensed and regulated by the laws of Curacao under the C.I.L. Curacao interactive licensing N.V. with license number 8048/JAZ. Client funds are segregated from company funds at all time.

How do I buy player shares?

You choose a player in a certain tournament. Click Buy, and you can choose the amount you want to invest. In return you own a virtual share of this player in this tournament. The prize money won by your player in this tournament multiplied by your share will be your pay out.

Example: Tournament: €5,000 EPT Barcelona Main Event
Player: John Smith You buy a 10% share of John Smith for €750. (Mark-Up: 1.5) If John cashes 0, you lose €750 If John cashes €100,000 you are paid out €10,000
10% of €100,000 - €10,000
Invested in shares - €750
Profit €9.250
What is outright betting?

Go to ''outright'' and you can bet on a player cashing, final tabling or winning the tournament! The odds displayed represent the pay out.

For example:
You bet €100 on Phil Ivey cashing in the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller at odds: 4.5 He cashes? Your pay out: €450 (for €350 profit) He doesn't cash? You lose €100
How do I request a bet?

The bet you want isn't displayed on the site? Request a Bet! Submit the request a bet form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We aim to offer player shares and outright bets for any player in any tournament. After requesting a bet there's no obligation to place the bet we offer.

What happens if I place a bet on a player and he doesn't play?

The bet will simply be cancelled and you get your money back.

When I place a bet on a player in a rebuy tournament, what happens when a player busts and rebuys?

In rebuy tournaments the bet only counts for the first bullet. If a player busts and rebuys you lose the bet.

All Bets are in euros but certain tournaments are in USD. How does that work?

PokerShares mirrors all events in euros. So if a tournament is played in USD we will have all buy-ins and pay-outs in euros. For instance if you buy 10% of a player in the WSOP Main Event for € 1,300 and the player cashes for $ 100,000. PokerShares will mirror that cash in euros and pay you out €10,000

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