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Request a Bet explained

Request a Bet explained

A unique feature of PokerShares is that you can invest in any poker player in the world. What's more, you can buy a piece of someone in any tournament. That could be Fedor Holz in a Super High Roller, your friend who just satellited into their first big live event or even yourself in a live tournament or as part of your online grind.

PokerShares quotes rates for a selection of players who are likely to play each featured event. Using the request a bet feature you can ask for a rate for any player who plans to enter and isn't listed.

And remember - If you don't like the odds or markup quoted or simply change your mind then there's no obligation to place a bet. As always, the rate offered is for the first bullet only and if your player doesn't enter the tournament then the bet is cancelled and you get your money back.

Supersize your action

Maybe you are feeling very confident about your next live tournament or simply want to gamble for more on the Sunday Million this week. By using request a bet you can get quoted a price for yourself and see how PokerShares rates your chances.

For example, if you buy 100% of your Sunday Million action through PokerShares then you will double any amount you cash for in the tournament directly through PokerShares – making your winning Sunday even better!

Buy a piece of anyone

If the player you want to buy a piece of is not listed on the PokerShares website then you can ask for a rate on them by clicking request a bet.

Remember though, the more unknown the player, the more conservative PokerShares will have to be with the rate that they set. The more information you provide to us, the more likely we will be albe to set a fair and accurate markup for your player.

Any tournament - online or live

PokerShares offer markets on the biggest tournaments around the world and online, top TV events and the biggest poker prop bets - but we can't cover everything. If the tournament or event you want to bet on isn't listed on the site, then you can ask for it to be added. As long as its results will be published afterwards and re-entries are accurately recorded then we'll try to make you an offer.

You'll get a response to all request a bet messages in 24 hours.


   Click here to request a bet

First Deposit Bonus

All players making their first deposit qualify for the First Deposit Bonus of 100% up to €100. Opt-in for the bonus after your first deposit!

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PokerShares Education

Learn everything you need to know about mark-up and improve your knowledge about poker investing!

Explaining mark-up

PokerShares FAQ

The answers to frequently asked questions about poker investing and betting on PokerShares.

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