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Lex "L. Veldhuis" Veldhuis

Lex "L. Veldhuis" Veldhuis

Online Poker Phenom, Lex Veldhuis, Partners with PokerShares

From a casual StarCraft gamer to a professional online poker player. That is the road Lex Veldhuis took to find his new passion in life. And it's not that far of a stretch with all things considered. One thing they have in common, the Twitch community.

Veldhuis, who originally hails from the Netherlands, was an avid gamer back in the day. He spent the majority of his time playing the online game, StarCraft and watching other games such as League of Legends. In 2005 at an international event, his good friend Bertrand Grospellier, who most know as 'ElkY', introduced him to the game of poker. Grospellier gave Veldhuis his first deposit of $10 to try out the game on PokerStars. Veldhuis found success right out of the gate and thought to himself, "Maybe I can do this too for a side job."

Having such a competitive edge inside himself, Veldhuis enjoyed the competition of poker but admitted, "Losing has a whole new meaning when you're playing for money." Losing? What was that? Veldhuis made a name for himself in the online poker world, most of which knew him as 'RaSZi'. He was most well-known for playing the nose-bleed cash games, including Pot-Limit Omaha. 'RaSZi' caught the attention of the PokerStars team and eventually became one of the Team Pros. "PokerStars supported me and liked what I was doing. PLO was my main game but I knew that would have to change."

After topping tournament leaderboards and crushing the cash games, it was time for Veldhuis to make a change...to keep things interesting. That change came in the form of streaming his poker game for the world to watch via Twitch. "I've watched video games on Twitch throughout my life, why not poker." After going through a bit of a rut, Veldhuis invigorated his passion for the game through a massive Twitch community. "It's huge, and it's awesome to have them all supporting you. There are a few trolls sometimes but that makes it fun too," Veldhuis said of his Twitch family. Being a successful Twitch streamer requires a lot of time and a lot of hard work. "They want to watch the journey of a tournament, see when I make a deep run." On an average day of streaming, Veldhuis often runs up an average viewer size of over 2,000 people, making him one of the largest poker streamers.

Veldhuis has recently had a lot of success at the tables to close out the 2017 year. In late November, he took down the $1,050 Thursday Thrill, one of PokerStars' most prestigious events for a whopping $56,001.07. That was followed up a few days later with another win in the $215 Triple Threat for $10,418.97. Since mid-July, Veldhuis has captured six five-figure scores to go along with numerous other victories. With all of his success at the tables and as a top Twitch streamer, Veldhuis still felt there was something missing.

Due to the Dutch tax laws, Veldhuis was never able to sell any pieces of his action. "Say if I were to sell 20% of my action and I win the tournament, I have to give 20% of my winnings away but I still get taxed on the full amount. It just wouldn't make sense for me to do that." Luckily for him, the great site of PokerShares was introduced and a partnership would be formed. After some talks with PokerShares founder, Mike McDonald, the two felt this would be the perfect fit for both of their platforms. The many Twitch supporters can now log in to PokerShares and find Lex Veldhuis' name under the many bets available.

"My fans can now sweat with me. It's so interactive, it's so easy, and I never have to say 'No' anymore. I wanted the option to be there for them." When Veldhuis goes live on his Twitch stream, fans can choose from a variety of options of single tournaments or a full package to buy a piece of. Even if you're not a die-hard Twitch fan, the success of Veldhuis is not something to shake a stick at. He has been dominating online poker tournaments for quite some time now. This would be a good investment for anyone looking to make a quick dollar. And if you haven't already, you can sweat your action on Twitch right here.

With Veldhuis always coming up with new ways to keep himself and his online posse interested, he gave a quick peek into what the future holds. Mentioning the arrival of some merchandise for his fans and an appearance change to his platform, Veldhuis didn't want to give all of his secrets away. "If you want to have a platform that succeeds, you always need to be one step ahead."

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