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Jeff 'JeffGross' Gross

Jeff 'JeffGross' Gross

Poker has advanced many times over the last few decades. We have gone from seedy cash games in the back of bars, to a tournament series created in Las Vegas (WSOP), poker on TV, online poker, and now, to live streaming of poker players and their lives. One poker player has kept up with the times, and does it all: Jeff Gross.

Jeff Gross, has evolved in the game of poker with the best of them. Some fans of the game keep up with Daniel Negreanu (a fellow Pokerstars Pro), but people should take notice of Jeff Gross.

Growing up in the state of Michigan, U.S.A., Jeff found poker at the young age of 15, when some friends expressed an interest in the game. Luckily, he was a winner from the get-go, as he realized poker was something to make money at, not lose money. And so, like most players, he followed the trend of basement games with friends, traveling to casinos (with a fake I.D.) and eventually switched to online poker. Wherever he played, he kept winning consistently.

Jeff would take his shot at a few bigger buy in events, such as the WSOP, WPT and even being invited to the ever elusive, Alpha 8 Series. Regardless, once again, Jeff would parlay his entry fee into more money. Jeff would also go on to parlay his poker following into even bigger things, all coming to a head this past year.

In 2017, the way of the poker world is streaming content and connecting fans to the game, when they couldn’t normally be involved. Now, in the 21st Century, apps and sites such as Snapchat, Twitch TV, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube can connect you with someone instantly. It’s almost as if you’re right there with someone! Jeff Gross has learned this, and played this hand perfectly.

During the 2017 WSOP in Las Vegas, Jeff had giveaways in each one of his poker tournaments, to help his following and garner more fans in the process. He would post a VLOG (video blog) every night, about the previous day’s experience online. This gave everyone a chance to see the ins and outs of what poker is like during the WSOP, by not only including poker playing, but eating habits, chill time and late night workouts. Playing poker professionally isn’t only about the poker itself, but the life outside of it as well, and no one captures this quite like Jeff Gross has.

These days, you can catch him on his PokerFlowShow Stream, only at http://www.twitch.tv/jeffgrosspoker. And to catch up with his WSOP VLOGS, among others, click here: https://www.youtube.com/jeffgrosspoker



-Grew up with, and being best friends with America’s greatest Olympian, Michael Phelps

-Played Division 1 on soccer scholarship at the University of South Carolina

-3rd on Michigan’s all time poker money list

-Over 3.9 million dollars in tournament earnings

-5 WSOP final tables (still waiting for that elusive bracelet)

- Newly added to Pokerstars Team Pros

-Is involved with many charities, such as: One Drop, REG, Michael Phelps Foundation and many others


Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeffgrosspoker/

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeffGrossPoker

Visit his website: http://jeffgrosspoker.com/


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